Serving Mifflintown , Selinsgrove, Williamsport, Carlisle, PA

Brenner Car Credit in Pennsylvania takes the struggle out of finding the right used car. Brenner Car Credit stocks hundreds of desirable pre-owned vehicles at unbeatable prices, including dozens for sale at $10K or less. The dealership is well known for its courteous and friendly staff members– their mission is to help shoppers select the ideal pre-owned vehicle for their requirements. Come visit any of our pre-owned locations in Mifflintown, Selinsgrove, Willimasport, or Caslisle, and experience the professional service that makes Brenner superior to the rest.

Unmatched Prices and Excellent Selection

There are very many reasons to choose a used car rather than spending more for a brand new vehicle. Shoppers frequently mention that the huge selection of used cars, trucks, SUVs and vans at Brenner Car Credit is one of the primary reasons they love to shop at our dealership.

Naturally, most car buyers view price as a significant issue, and the Brenner Car Credit dealership does everything possible to address this concern. That's why the pre-owned cars have rock-bottom prices, but Brenner offers value exceeding well beyond the invoice price. Used car shoppers appreciate the fact that pre-owned cars are less expensive to buy and to insure. In addition, used vehicles are less costly to register.

Buying a used vehicle saves money over the long term. For one thing, by selecting a used car, buyers avoid the immediate depreciation that drops the value of new cars by several thousand dollars once it’s driven off the lot. At the Brenner dealership in central Pennsylvania, use car buyers don’t have to pay for depreciation when they take their vehicles home. That means buyers can make prudent investments that don't stick them with an expensive auto loan on a depreciated car.

Used Car Financing

Car financing is needed by buyers of both new and used vehicles, even vehicles costing less than $10,000. At Brenner Car Credit, shoppers will enjoy not only low-cost financing, but will also benefit from the many tools on the website that simplify the decision-making process from the comfort of home. Shoppers are invited to fill out the dealership’s credit pre-approval form to start the financing process right away and find the perfect loan without delay. Shopper will also discover that our used car dealership has long experience getting credit for customers with any type of credit, good or bad.

For shoppers wanting to in trade in their old vehicles to save money, Brenner is happy to provide an online valuation tool for vehicle trade-ins. Just furnish some simple information and Brenner Car Credit will give an approximate figure for how much can be saved via a trade-in. The process is simple, fast and convenient.

When shoppers are ready to enjoy the advantages of buying a pre-owned car, truck, van or SUV, they are invited to contact Brenner Car Credit today or use the short contact form to ask for additional information. Brenner Car Credit has may desirable vehicles under $10K and is happy to answer any questions shoppers might have to help locate a fully inspected and reconditioned pre-owned vehicle. Ask about the extensive warranty and extended coverage options as well.