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 Does a used car come with a warranty?

Yes, all used cars at Brenner Car Credit come with a 3 month 3,000 mile powertrain warranty.

 Can I buy a used car with bad credit?

Yes, Brenner Car Credit is here to help you build or re-establish your credit.


 Yes *

Available some models.


 Yes **

Please see dealer office for details.

Models Under 50K Miles?


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 Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Vehicles

Buying a new car is always an enticing proposition as you're getting a car that has never been driven significantly. However, as enticing as it is, the truth is that buying used can save you a ton of money. According to NADA, the average person will buy 13 cars during their life that will cost an average of $30,000 each. If each one of those cars was three years old instead of new, the person could save about $130,000 over their lifetime.

The following are three main reasons why you should buy used over new.

  1. Depreciation

    This is probably the biggest reason to buy used over new. You've probably heard the saying that your car loses 20 percent of its value the minute you drive it off the lot. If the car cost $30,000, that means it loses $6,000 worth of value and then by the end of your first year owning it, about 30 percent, or $9,000, of its value is gone. In three years, if you sell the car, you're likely to get about half its original value. The value goes down, albeit slower, the longer you keep it and the more miles you put on it. On the other hand, if you bought the three year old car for $15,000 and sell it three years later for $10,000, you've only lost $5,000 to depreciation.

  2. Reliability

    Modern cars are more dependable than ever and a quality used car dealership is likely to offer you a warranty on top of that. You can also buy certified pre-owned vehicles. Many recent-vintage cars can easily reach 100,000 miles before needing big-ticket repairs. You can get even more peace of mind by running the VIN through a company like Carfax or AutoCheck to see if it ever had major problems. Buying a used car is no longer the dodgy transaction of yesteryear.

  3. Get More For Your Money

    If your car-buying budget is pinched, but you still have a lot of wants for your new car, then buying used can get you what you want for less. You don't have to buy a base model or compromise on features because the money isn't there. Considering the earlier example, that $30,000 might only get you the brand new base model, but if you buy the same model three years old, you might be able to get the top trim with all the options and still not spend your full $30,000. It's also true that registration, insurance and other fees tend to be cheaper with used cars.

 An Invitation Extended to You

Come to our used car dealership in Pennsylvania to test drive one of our great used cars. We have four convenient locations to serve drivers near Harrisburg, PA at Brenner Car Credit. We are Pennsylvania’s Buy Here Pay Here dealership. Pick from a huge inventory with a variety of makes and models. We offer top notch customer service and are committed to working with you to get the right used car and financing for your situation. We have quick approvals, offer warranties on all our vehicles and include taxes, tags and fees in the loan. Stop by today!

* Available on some models.

** Please see dealer office for details.