used car lot

Serving Mifflintown, Selinsgrove, Williamsport, and Carlisle, PA

Many Americans find themselves getting proverbially "bit" in the future by their past financial mistakes in the form of low credit scores. Credit scores reflect overall financial risk associated with lending to a particular consumer. Businesses don't know every person in the world, their behaviors, activities, and habits. As such, they must use objective financial metrics from independent, third-party credit agencies that provide them with credit score, report, and history.

Because credit scores can span back decades, they might not always appropriately represent their respective consumers. Nearly every household in the United States has a working motor vehicle, tallying up to an astounding 95 percent of American families. When it comes time to purchase a new vehicle, consumers with bad credit scores often seek out buy here, pay here car lots. These car lots help consumers in dire financial situations find financing for vehicles, something many dealerships aren't willing to do.

Our pre-owned, buy here, pay here car lot helps hard-working Pennsylvania citizens obtain the vehicles they so desperately need to carry out regular, everyday functions like work, school, church, and grocery store trips. Our customer service representatives are skilled, helpful, and friendly, spread across the four Pennsylvania cites our pre-owned dealership is located in. Come find late 1990s model or -- like most of the vehicles we have to offer -- 2000s model vehicles at our Mifflintown, Carlisle, Selinsgrove, and Williamsport locations, spread all around to match consumers in nearly every corner of the Quaker State.

To most closely meet the needs of those with little disposable income or ravaged credit scores, we accept trade-ins for credit towards other vehicles. Even better, we pre-approve every single consumer that walks through our doors, no matter how many credit cards they've maxed out, student loans they've defaulted on, or cars they've failed to pay back in the past.

Arguably the most positive service we provide is our buy here, pay here business model. Other dealerships require hefty down payments, detailed credit checks, and aren't afraid to turn down prospective customers with less-than-perfect credit scores, families with low disposable incomes, and other characteristics that don't meet their mountain-high standards. However, our pre-owned vehicle dealership don't put customers through this worry because it's part of our business model.

Here's how it works: customers come in and explain they want a vehicle. We collect their information, then they shop while we enter it into our computerized financing system to determine potential monthly payments and how long they are required. After selecting a vehicle, our customers have a chance to trade in current vehicles they own, if any, to reduce the amount paid towards the pre-owned vehicles we finance to them.

After selecting the vehicle you want, you come inside and sign necessary paperwork just minutes before driving it off the lot. While other dealerships require big banks to finance their vehicular loans, we do all financing in-house at our four locations. Rather than selling your debt to a third party or outsourcing it to a financial institution, we receive your payments directly, in turn reducing unnecessary financing fees.

Our payments are as low as 85 dollars per week and we offer 3-month, 3,000-mile powertrain warranties on each and every one of our vehicles. Simply protect your vehicle with full-coverage insurance and enjoy the pre-owned car, truck, or SUV of your dreams.