Winter is a great time of year, from the Holidays to freshly fallen snow. But winter also means freezing temperatures and slick roads. That's why if you own a car, truck, or SUV, it's important to winterize your vehicle so it performs its best in cold weather.

How to Winterize Your Vehicle

There are many ways you can prepare your vehicle for winter, and this article is here to provide some helpful tips.

Change Your Oil

Your vehicle's oil helps your engine function at its best, as without it, your engine can overheat and become damaged. During the winter, if Carlisle drivers don't have the proper oil in their vehicles, their oil can thicken and slow, leading to engine problems. To avoid this, customers should change their oil for one better suited for winter weather.

Change Your Tires

When the road is icy or slick with snow, your all-weather tires won't have the best traction. Therefore, you may find it hard to stop and why your car slides. To prevent this from happening, Chambersburg locals can allow our trained technicians to swap out their tires for winter ones so that they can have the best traction possible.

Inspect Your Brakes

A car's brakes are a vital safety feature, so Selinsgrove and Williamsport drivers must ensure theirs are functioning at their best - especially when the roads are icy. By bringing their vehicle to our Mifflintown service center, our mechanics will inspect your brakes and replace them if necessary.

Schedule a Service Appointment

When driving in winter weather, it's important that your vehicle has everything it needs to function at its best. That's why this winter bring your vehicle to our service center so our technicians can winterize your car, truck, or SUV.

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