Driving through the Mifflintown, PA area on a sunny day can be really enjoyable, but you might be dealing with some nasty glare coming from your windshield. Don't worry, Brenner Car Credit has some tips that can reduce this glare so you drive more safely and comfortably.

All vehicles come with a sun visor. If you lower this down, you may be able to position it in a way that reduces the glare you're getting straight from the sun.

Having a dirty windshield can increase the amount of glare that's coming through. Wipe the interior of your windshield with a clean rag and some vinegar mixed with water.

Don't store any items on the dashboard of your vehicle. These items can cast quite a glare or reflection off the interior of your windshield.

To remain safe, leave a little extra space between you and the vehicle in front of you.