Who among us hasn't had the annoyance, and sometimes anxiety of driving on a dark road with glaring headlights behind us causing us to have difficulty navigating the road ahead? Fortunately, many cars these days come equipped with auto-dimming mirrors.

By a process called electrochromism, an auto-dimming rear-view mirror can come to the rescue by automatically darkening to reduce the glare coming from the headlights of the car behind. The darkening is proportional to the glare of the trailing headlights. The mirror clears once the glare disappears.

The magic happens when a forward-looking sensor directs a rear-view one to gauge the amount of glare coming from a trailing vehicle. Electricity then passes through an electro-chromatic gel encased in two sheets of glass during manufacturing. A low voltage power source supplies electricity that tints the mirror. The whole process helps the diver navigate the road ahead, and helps them by eliminating the blind spot which happens if the following car suddenly makes a turn.

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