With winter weather fast approaching, it is essential for drivers who live near Brenner Car Credit, and indeed everywhere, to make relevant preparations. In addition to making seasonal changes to their vehicles, drivers should also keep in mind the importance of staying extra alert to the presence of pedestrians and cyclists during poor weather. Because both road quality and visibility can be poor in these conditions, drivers should follow some important safety rules to decrease the likelihood of accidents.

During heavy winter storms, plowing machines often push snow and ice to one side of the roads, creating large piles along the way. These large piles of plowed snow and ice may force cyclists out into roadways, so after heavy snow or ice storms, drivers should always be aware of this likelihood.

Rainy weather is another key time to be extra cautious about avoiding pedestrians and cyclists. During rainstorms, it is easy for drivers to zone in on the roads in front of them and lose awareness of the peripheries. Thus, during heavy rain events, it is essential for careful drivers to slow down to below-posted speed limits. By doing so, they can remain in control of their vehicles if forced to make sudden emergency maneuvers.

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