Getting to Know Your All-Wheel Drive Capabilities

When you visit Brenner Car Credit, you should learn everything that there is to know about our selection of vehicles. It is not uncommon for cars and trucks to use all four wheels to gain traction in poor road conditions. For instance, if you encounter slippery conditions, the vehicle may automatically go into four or all-wheel drive (AWD) mode.

There are two different types of AWD to choose from. The first type is four-low (4L), which is ideal for overcoming thick mud, rocks or water. The other type is four-high (4H), which is ideal for light snow cover or roads that are starting to ice up slightly.

While in 4L mode, be sure to drive at low speeds as you can get the best quality traction that way. In 4H mode, you can drive normally without worrying about sliding off of the road.

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