Every one of us at Brenner Car Credit wants you to make your next vehicle purchase based on an informed decision. Knowing the difference between a front-wheel-drive vehicle and a rear-wheel-drive vehicle can make a big difference in how your vehicle handles under certain road and weather conditions. Stop and see us and allow us to help.

Both front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive have their pros and cons. Front-wheel drive is more economical so vehicles equipped with front-wheel driver are typically less expensive. Front-wheel-drive vehicles also handle better in the rain or snow than rear-wheel drives.

Rear-wheel drive vehicles can take a lot of rough driving without parts breaking. Because the weight of the engine and transaxle is evenly distributed under and rear-wheel drive vehicle, you get better handling.

Whether you’re in the market for another vehicle or just need your vehicle serviced, give us a call or pay us a visit at our Mifflintown, PA dealership.

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