Financing a Used Car in Mifflintown


We want to help every driver get into a vehicle that will meet the needs of their life, and a big part of that is making sure we can work with any credit score. Even though there are many of you out there who are struggling with their credit scores, we are here to help. We get you approved and then find you the car that meets your needs. We have many used cars in Mifflintown that will help you build your credit with a reliable vehicle.


Buy Here, Pay Here

Our buy here, pay here dealership works with customers who have seen their credit scores take a major hit. We understand that life has a lot of obstacles and stressors and we don’t want to see the monthly payments of your vehicle add to them.

The experts in our finance department have years of experience with getting customers a price that they are comfortable paying, and we are sure that we can help you too.


Visit Our Dealership to Find Your Next Vehicle

We sincerely want to help you get into a vehicle that will keep you confident while you are behind the wheel, but that won't make you feel like you are emptying your bank account every month when payments are due. Our team will work with you to make sure you can get a used car in Mifflintown that is right for the needs of your life, fitting into your budget without stretching it too thinly.

The process is slightly different than other dealerships, but it helps you get the most out of your vehicle. We will first secure a financing option, then will show you which vehicles fit that option, making sure your payments will never get out of hand.

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