Why Driving All Year on Winter Tires is Not a Best Practice

Although it may be tempting to drive on your winter tires throughout the year, it is not a recommended practice. There are distinct reasons why it is a good idea to switch out your tires with the weather conditions for optimal road performance and safety. The tire experts at Brenner Car Credit want you to understand how to best put your tires to work for you.

Because winter tires are engineered for colder temperatures, they wear faster when used on warmer pavement. Specially designed all-season and summer tires are designed to take the heat and last longer.

Winter tires will also suffer from decreased performance when used during the warmer months. The tread design and other materials used in making winter tires are not designed to handle the rigors of the summer season. For most effective road grip and driving performance, it is recommended to change your tires with the changing seasons.



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