Find Out About a Blind Spot Monitor

Our BRENNER CAR CREDIT associates have a goal to help keep Mifflintown customers updated about the latest technologies offered with some of our vehicles. A blind spot monitor is a driver-assist feature that many drivers choose because it enhances protection. With higher trims, a blind spot monitor may be a standard feature, and mid-level and base trims may have a blind spot monitor as an available feature.

A blind spot monitor can help you avoid lane-change accidents by scanning the road for vehicles that are entering your blind spot zones. If the system detects a vehicle approaching your blind zones, it will issue visual and/or audible warnings to let you know it's not safe to change lanes.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety carried out two studies on driver-assist features. According to these studies, safety features, which include lane departure warning systems and blind spot monitors, can reduce total collisions by 11 percent.


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