Summer is quickly coming to an end and the children are headed back to school. For many people, that means carpooling, in order to get everyone to their designated schools and workplaces on time. Here at Brenner Car Credit, we always want your family to be safe while on the road. Carpooling should be as drama-free as possible, and you should always make sure it remains safe, for all the children you are chauffeuring.

A well-organized carpool needs to have someone in charge of everyone’s schedule, school routes and all the rules that everyone must follow. Along with having an emergency contact list for everyone, you should also create either a group text message or an email list. This will make communicating with everyone at the same time easier. In order to help the schedule, run smoother and avoid schedule confusion, it’s best to have each parent drive the same day each week, or else have each parent take one week at a time.

While you’re planning out your carpool schedule for this Fall, be sure to stop by Brenner Car Credit to test-drive our latest family-friendly vehicles, with room for all the neighborhood children!

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