Subprime Auto Financing Helps Those in Williamsport


In Williamsport, there are plenty of people who are in need of a vehicle that's going to get them around town, to the job, pick up the kids and more, but because of bad credit many dealership have told them they can't finance a vehicle. Here at Brenner Car Credit, our finance center for our dealerships will work with you to find financing that works, as we approve people with bad credit so they can get the vehicles they need.

One way that we help provide drivers with financing who might have poor credit is through subprime financing. This gives you the ability to have a vehicle loan that is over a longer time frame and equals less monthly payments so you can afford paying it each month and help you keep your vehicle, and potentially restore some credit in the process. At our finance and used car dealership in Williamsport, we only will match you with vehicles that meet your finance budget after we've run the numbers to determine what you can afford with subprime financing.

We can discuss all the options we have here in our showroom serving Williamsport, as we help you find the ideal used car that you can afford through subprime financing on your auto loan and put you on the path to being able to drive a quality ride and live your best life.