Here at Brenner Car Credit, our goal is to help you finance your vehicle, even if you have less than ideal credit, and bad credit because we believe that shouldn't preclude from owning a vehicle. Many people need cars to make a living, and we know there are lots of those folks in Selinsgrove who are looking for quality vehicles but might think they don't have the credit, and we're here to tell with methods like subprime financing, you can get a vehicle that fits your needs!

For drivers who have a very low credit score, or don't have a high enough income to purchase a vehicle, subprime financing is a way for you find financing and get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Our finance team will run the numbers on what you can afford and match you to the vehicles in our showroom that meet those numbers so you know your options among the many used cars in Selinsgrove. These loans have longer repayment periods, which gives you lower monthly payments, so you if you're able to keep on top of them, you can find an affordable option even with less than ideal credit.

Our team would be happy to provide you with all the details on every finance scenario including subprime auto loans here in our showroom for those in Selinsgrove here at Brenner Car Credit, as we'd be happy to help and get you behind the wheel of one of our quality used cars here in our showroom today!

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